Create an Interactive Gallery for a Teaching Series

Holly Messerall visits the exhibit of women in art featuring women from the bible at Columbus Vineyard Church. (Photo: Eric Albrecht/Columbus Dispatch)

Creating a church art gallery show that complements a sermon series is not uncommon, but the curators at Vineyard Church in

Columbus, Ohio took it a step further. They organized a gallery of art by women about biblical women and made it an integral part of women’s teaching series.  After the teaching part of the meetings, the women were invited to come to the church gallery to talk with the curator about the art and relate the teaching and their experiences to the subjects and messages of the paintings.  Relating art directly to the topic of a message is a wonderful way to not only activate the imagination of the viewer, but it creates a touch point of experience and a visual that helps make the teaching more personal.  And it can create a positive memory that the viewer can refer back to a when they think about relating the message to their life.

Here’s the full story from the Columbus Dispatch.


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