New Resource for Arts Ministry in Disaster and Crisis

Will the tragic news of mass shootings ever stop? Certainly we should pray that God would deliver us from this violence, but as God’s people we also can’t ignore the immediate hurt, loss of life, and trauma events like these and other disasters cause.

We’ve posted recently about how the arts and creativity can offer unique and powerful means of ministry in crisis and disaster, and now New Renaissance director, J. Scott McElroy, has announced a book project on the subject, CreativeChurch Disaster & Crisis Ministry Handbook: Responding to Disaster & Current Events with the Arts & CreativityWe’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to underwrite the extensive research and writing process of this important resource. Here is a video to explain:

Would you consider sharing this campaign and/or contributing? We believe its very important for the local church to understand how God designed the arts and creativity to minister hope, beauty, and healing in times of crisis. We need your help to complete this important new resource and get it into the hands of congregations everywhere. Thanks!

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