Outdoor Pentecost Display

Submitted by David Teich of First Presbyterian Church of Hightstown Art Ministry . Concept: For Pentecost, we used the idea of cascading flamelike colors of organza fabric to suggest the flame of the spirit. “Flames“ poured out of the church attic … Read More

An Artful Lenten Season

The arts can help us connect in a deep and immediate way with the celebrations and elements of the Christian faith. Artful expressions of these things can bring them to life and personalize them for us. For many Evangelical Protestants, … Read More

The Marionette Nativity Show

Marionette Nativity show is a throwback that connects with children and adults. Puppetry as ministry fell out of favor with churches as media and children’s expectations for entertainment became more sophisticated. Many churches now lean toward high energy programs and … Read More