Drive-Thru Church: Creative Ministry During Covid-19

Drive-Thru Church? You mean, “Would you like a prayer and fries with that?” Not exactly. With most states under “stay at home” orders, people are only allowed to make essential trips, like to the grocery store. Could it be possible … Read More

Drive-In Church Services: Church Ministry During Covid-19

Some churches are turning to Drive-In Sunday services during the Covid-19 crisis. (UPDATE: See the update below for details on acquiring an FM Transmitter.) When Rev. Sara Lamb’s husband suggested trying Drive-In church service at their church, she was skeptical. … Read More

An Artful Lenten Season

The arts can help us connect in a deep and immediate way with the celebrations and elements of the Christian faith. Artful expressions of these things can bring them to life and personalize them for us. For many Evangelical Protestants, … Read More