Outdoor Pentecost Display

Submitted by David Teich of First Presbyterian Church of Hightstown Art Ministry . Concept: For Pentecost, we used the idea of cascading flamelike colors of organza fabric to suggest the flame of the spirit. “Flames“ poured out of the church attic … Read More

25 Creative Church Ministry Ideas During Covid-19

We recently published a list of 25 ideas for creative church ministry during the pandemic, on Crosswalk.com. If there was ever a time that the old adage “the Church is not a building” rings true, it’s now. In most cases, … Read More

Online Visual Prayer: Creative Online Ministry During Covid-19

Digital church opens new ways to involve the congregation and allow them to contribute or create together. Look for opportunities to build on interactive possibilities in your ministries. One example is to include visual prayer images from the congregation in … Read More

Drive-Thru Church: Creative Ministry During Covid-19

Drive-Thru Church? You mean, “Would you like a prayer and fries with that?” Not exactly. With most states under “stay at home” orders, people are only allowed to make essential trips, like to the grocery store. Could it be possible … Read More

Drive-In Church Services: Church Ministry During Covid-19

Some churches are turning to Drive-In Sunday services during the Covid-19 crisis. (UPDATE: See the update below for details on acquiring an FM Transmitter.) When Rev. Sara Lamb’s husband suggested trying Drive-In church service at their church, she was skeptical. … Read More

Online Personal Prayer Art: Arts Ministry During Covid-19

Personal Prayer Art Ministry (PPA) is a powerful from of prayer ministry that uses spontaneous art (drawings) as a vehicle to convey God’s love to individuals. PPA is typically done one-on-one in person, but it also translates remotely well over … Read More

Online Arts Ministry During COVID-19: Intercession with Movement

Interceding Together while Physically Apart Though it may separate us physically, the Covid-19 crisis sparks new ways to creatively connect virtually with each other, with God in unison, and with the sacredness of our own bodies through Intercession with Movement.  … Read More